Monday, October 19, 2009

Panel Discussion is a Hit

Last Thursday's legislative panel discussion was a great event and a terrific peak for the semester. Thanks to everyone who was there. If you couldn't make it, don't worry...just click on the link and watch some of the interesting discussions.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

First Volunteer Project Is a Success

Here are a few pictures from last Saturday's project. Thanks to everyone who came out and helped improve our community.

Remember everyone, our big panel discussion is this Thursday!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's been a long time

It has been over two years since the Presidential campaign first started. Two years of speeches, ads, and rallies. Two years of non-stop news coverage. However, the years of hard work and support we have given Senator Obama will be for nothing if we do not vote next Tuesday. Voting is what this whole process is about. Many people forget that we, the people, have the right...the power...the privilege of choosing our own leaders. Generations of Americans have sacrificed to protect our right to vote. We cannot let that sacrifice be in vain. On Tuesday, don't let anything distract you from voting. Make sure your friends and family take time to vote too. Decades from now, you'll be able to look at your grandchildren and tell them "that was the day when we, as Americans, took control of our destiny. That was the moment it all turned, and I was there!"

Then you can tell them that you spent the night at the Election Party and cheered Obama to victory with your friends and family! The party is in the Comcast Dining Area and Room 107, 8pm to 11:45pm. The party is free for all students. Each student is allowed one guest. Guests will pay $5 for food or $10 for food and alcoholic drinks. Take one night off from studying and celebrate this historic event!

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Fight Isn't Over

There are just three weeks left until the election. Polls are looking great and Obama is opening up his lead in many battleground states and across the country. However, Senator Obama has warned us not to get cocky. This election is hardly won. In fact, there are many battles going on right now that could swing the country in McCain's favor.

One of the key battles is over voter registration. Everyone in the country has witnessed the vilification of ACORN. As we speak, many battleground states are coming under pressure to just discard thousands of names off their registration lists. THOUSANDS! McCain and other Republicans are warning of the greatest voter fraud in history and the destruction of our democracy. Things are definitely getting out of hand.

There may have been a few cases of improper registrations and they should be investigated and dealt with. However, the Republicans are using these relatively isolated events to launch a nationwide voter suppression campaign. They know that the electorate is changing. They know that record numbers of new voters are being registered, and the majority of those new voters are going to vote for Obama. They know that the only way to ensure McCain wins is to suppress young, minority, and low income voters. WE CAN'T LET THEM DO IT!

Our first move must be to attack the smears. Get out the real story of ACORN and the amazing voter registration success they have accomplished. Make sure people know that the real threat to our democracy is suppressing voters. Everyone citizen deserves a vote!

The next move is voter protection. There are voter protection drives happening in both PA and VA. The Obama-Biden website has links to both organizations. The LawDems are participating in the VA voter protection program. Volunteers will be given special training and will be posted at voting sights across VA on election day. If you want to volunteer, email us at


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Four Weeks

We are four weeks away from the election, and the power of hope is growing. Over the last three weeks, Senator Obama has been increasing his national lead over Senator McCain by about 1% per week. Polls are showing that Obama is taking a slight lead in many of the battleground states. A growing majority of the country believes Obama will do a better job with the economy, education, healthcare, and foreign policy. As a result, McCain's campaign is now in trouble. McCain needed a win in last night's debate and he didn't get it. In fact, post-debate polls show that a majority of viewers are now more convinced that McCain's policies will be the same as the last eight years.

However, McCain's set-backs are not a sign that we can relax and wait for Obama's inevitable victory. In battle, you do not ease off the attack when you are gaining momentum! When you see your enemy falter, you attack with everything you've got in order to exploit that weakness and destroy him. This may sound harsh, but have no doubts about the current situation. This election is a battle for the soul of America. We have the momentum and now it is time to surge forward and gain a decisive victory.

Thanks to your help, we have been able to really make a difference in the school and local community. Our voter registration drives have been a huge success. On Monday, we registered 76 voters at Lexington Market. That's 76 new voices to demand change. We are doing our part to help Obama change the voter demographic and harness the power of the people.

The debate parties have been so successful that we were forced to take over the entire bar. The debates have shown us the clear differences between the candidates. Now we must take that knowledge and spread it. Talk to your neighbors. Talk to your family. Make sure they all understand the ISSUES and how Senator Obama's policies will help all Americans. Don't let people become distracted by McCain's swear tactics. As the election comes closer, McCain's tactics will become even more desperate. Don't sit back and take it. Use your voice to keep people focused on the important issues and the real differences between the candidates.

This election is in our hands. Keep pushing. Keep fighting. Keep spreading the truth. If we all do our part, we will be celebrating on November 4th. The LawDems, Republican Law Society, and UMALL are co-sponsoring an election party. Thanks to the groups' combined funds, the party will be a huge event! Come celebrate the culmination of all your efforts. Trust me, no beer will ever taste as delicious as the one you drink after hearing "President-Elect Obama"

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Great Days Ahead

First of all, the school voter registration event was a fantastic success. Thank you to everyone who volunteered for this important event. Due to your efforts, a record number of students will now be able to cast their vote in November and beyond.

It is now time to move beyond the walls of this school and reach out to the surrounding community. We are planning a voter registration at Lexington Market on October 6th and 7th. We need volunteers for both days. The strength of our democracy depends on citizens participating in the political process. Let's do our part to strengthen our local community and our country. To sign up, email James Dold at

Our first debate party is this Friday! The party is at Sliders (near Pickles). We have the second floor entirely to ourselves. Here is the information on the party:

When: Friday, 26 September. Party starts at 8:30pm. Debate starts at 9pm.
Where: Sliders
Who: Everyone is invited. Bring your spouse, significant other, friends, etc.
Cost: $5 for entrance into the party ($10 for entrance into all 4 of our debate parties)

This event is being sponsored by the LawDems, the Student Republicans, and UMALL. All three groups will have a representative at the door. Give your money to the organization of your choosing.

Food: Sliders is giving food and drink specials to all debate party members

$2 domestic beers, $3 rail drinks, $1 off all menu items
Non-alcoholic drinks are available

If you have any more questions: email us at

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Time is NOW

We are only 50 days from one of the most influential Presidential elections in American history. The past eight years have taken this country in the wrong direction. We have witnessed an expansion of executive power in the federal government, resulting in countless infringements on our civil liberties. The economy is worse than it has been in decades and the American middle class is decimated. The richest 5% of the population owns more than the rest of the country combined. The average American does not have access to proper education or health care. The cost of living has increased substantially with the rising cost of fuel and food. The housing crisis has left thousands of families in financial ruin. The list of problems is endless.

In the face of so many problems, citizens are losing their faith in the American Dream. Once upon a time, a citizen could work hard and earn success to provide greater opportunities for their children. For a lot of Americans, that idea is no longer a reality. As the middle class disappears and the gap widens between the have and the have-nots, pessimism and fear is killing the American spirit. There is only one thing that can put this country back on track.


We need to believe that the future will be better than today. We need to believe that anyone can succeed. We need to feel the truth in the words "home of the free and land of the brave." We are not short on bravery. We have suffered terrorism and war. Our soldiers, police officers, firefighters and volunteer workers have proven that when America is in trouble, we have an unlimited supply of brave citizens who will sacrifice everything to protect their fellow Americans. We are the land of the brave. What we need to affirm is the truth of our freedom.

We need to believe in the freedom to worship as we wish without government interference. We need to believe in the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Do we have that freedom if we do not have access to education and therefore have no level playing field in the pursuit of success? Do we have that freedom if we are forced to live our lives based on the principles of someone else's faith? Do we have that freedom if we cannot choose what to do with our own bodies? Do we have that freedom if we are denied legal rights based on gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation? No.

Our freedoms are in jeopardy. We have bravely fought to protect our way of life from terrorists and foreign religious extremists. Now we must bravely fight to protect our freedoms at home. We must fight against corrupt government and religious extremists that threaten to transform our free democracy into a theocracy. We must fight for hope and freedom.

There are many members of our government who fight for our freedoms every day. Congress members have tried time and time again to enact legislation to improve education and level the playing field for all Americans. They have worked to keep religion out of government. For the past eight years, President Bush has used his veto power to block them. Do we want our next president to continue to push this country in the wrong direction or do we want a president who will facilitate change?

Your choice in this election is simple.
Do you want to elect Barack Obama or John McCain? Obama has a detailed plan to reverse the negative impact of the last eight years and cultivate our hope in the American Dream. John McCain has his own detailed plan. Regardless of what that plan says,
McCain has voted with the current administration 95% of the time. He is an agent of the same. With McCain as president, we will continue to lose hope and freedom. Barack Obama will bring change. He has already inspired hope across the country. An unprecedented number of people have turned out to support Obama. Hope is taking hold, but that hold can collapse in November if McCain is elected. This country's power comes from the people. The future is in our hands and now is the time for us to stand together and bring about the change we need.

How can you help?
The first step is to
register to vote and encourage everyone you know to register as well. All of us must make our voices heard if we want to change the government. Get involved in school and local organizations. The LawDems, Students for Obama and other school groups will be organizing registration drives, debate parties and trips to Virginia and Pennsylvania to help Obama take these key battlefield states.

Helping doesn't require travel. You can simply stay current on the issues and discuss them with your friends. Don't let someone you know go uninformed. Fight the lies and mug-slinging and help Obama spread the message of hope. This election is in our hands.